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Quartz glass – an extraordinary material for key technologies

Quartz Glass and Fused Silica
Quartz glass is one of the most extraordinary materials used in industry and research. Due to the combination of a number of very specific properties not given by any other material, quartz glass has cleared the way for many high-tech applications. Examples are the fabrication of computer processors and chips, modern laser technology or water treatment with UV lamps. Three aspects are crucial for most applications: purity, light and heat.
A number of unique optical, mechanical and thermal properties have made quartz glass an indispensable material in the fabrication of high-tech products. Among these are:
  • high chemical purity and resistance,
  • high softening temperature and thermal resistance,
  • low thermal expansion with high resistance to thermal shocks,
  • high transparency from the violet to the infrared spectral range,
  • high irradiation resistance.
Long-time experience and constant development have given Heraeus Quarzglas the competence to manufacture this extraordinary material in well-established and innovative production processes and to tailor its properties to the intended application.